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Monday, December 22, 2014

Attack Of The Holstein Rat

Barbacoa For Buzzards?

Well, yesterday certainly gets an entry in the list of "Strangest Days Ever"...

First, both the Texans and the Cowboys won.  I couldn't give two craps about the Texans, but they are the local team, so I suppose I ought to feign enthusiasm.

The 'Pokes, on the other hand, may well go to the Superbowl.  So much for all that got-damned "Romo the Homo" talk...  The road to greatness is littered with the potholes of disappointment, but we will reach the Promised Land!!!

But now, for something really weird...

I'm heading into the drive-thru lane at the local Sonic for a diet cherry limeade, when I spot 4 really huge black birds squabbling in the grass.

There's a big grassy field between the Sonic and the Walmart parking lot, maybe half the width of a football field, and for some reason, there's 4 turkey buzzards doing some sort of vulture tango out there.

On closer inspection, they're fighting over some dead animal bits.  Specifically, 4 partially gnawed skulls of either sheep or goats, with plenty of meat still attached.

The eyes have been pecked clean, and the buzzards are mostly trying to pry the tongues loose, when they're not hopping over to another skull and trying to steal it from another bird.

This round-robin... er... round-vulture goes on until I get honked at by the car behind me.  They're obviously not as fascinated by the spectacle as I am.  So, I leave the birds to their carrion, and carry on my own scavenging project.

I'm still puzzling over it.  Who dumps sheep or goat skulls between a Walmart and a Sonic??

Later, at the cigar shop, I'm greeted by the sight of one of the regular smokers who has acquired a tiny black & white Chihuahua that looks almost exactly like a Holstein cow in terms of coloration & fur pattern.

He walks in with it, and the owner was quick with "Hey!  No rodents allowed!"  So, whatever else this dog might be named, it's now called the "Holstein Rat".

I know for a fact I've seen wharf rats bigger than this "dog".  Still, it's quiet, doesn't tremble uncontrollably, and spent most of the afternoon napping.

Who said rats don't make good pets?