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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Longest Day

Next Year, I Take All Of December Off!

There are certain benefits to having your office/cubicle tucked away in the very back of the rat's maze of The Man's cube farm.  Mainly, it's the furthest away from the door, so any incoming traffic will usually intersect a co-worker before they penetrate too deeply into the office and stumble on my lair.

This keeps my face-to-face interactions to a minimum, which is nice on a typical workday.

On the day after Xmas, though?  Today it's just me and another guy holding down the fort, and we've got to keep prairie-dogging up over the cube walls to see who's coming in, instead of spending the day in a semi-comatose trance, awaiting the 5 pm bell.

We really shouldn't even be open...  Last count, two walk-ins, one of which was supposed to be in here on Wednesday, and two phone calls. 

Still, you never know.  You sometimes see a bump in traffic over the holidays, when people chew the fat with their kinfolk, and someone decides that The Man has dealt out a rotten hand.  "Yew oughtta go complain about that!"  And then, suddenly there's walk-ins # 3, 4 & 5...

Sigh.  2 hours to go.  Y'all just let it go until Monday, y'hear??