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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here We Go Again

"Please, Sir!  Take *ALL* My Money!!"

Once more onto the financial merry-go-round!

All the paperwork got submitted late last night to bid on another house.  My Realtor guy emailed the last of the documents for electronic signature just prior to 10 pm in order to get the package into the seller's lap first thing this morning.

I'm still a little bummed about the condo deal falling through.  It wasn't an ideal location, but it was a cozy little place, and pretty cheap, as these things go.

This house, now, is not so cheap.  It's right on the ceiling on what I'm finding affordable, but it's a whole lot of house.  Also, the online records from the power company show the monthly electric bills to be mostly reasonable.  If I can get some serious tax incentives to go around and install double-pane windows, weathersealing, and foam-coating the attic, I can bring that bill down a good 40%.

It's a leap of faith to spend $6000 up front in order to save that amount over 10 years, but the numbers don't lie.  Turn your house into an Igloo ice chest, and it'll keep the cool in.

Still, I gotta get the house first.  We should know by Friday or Monday.

Keep your fingers & tentacles crossed, y'all...