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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


House!!!  House!!!  House!!!

The bid was accepted!!

Barring complications, I should get the keys for the new house in the next 2-3 weeks, and be moved in by the time summer rolls around.

There's still lots and lots of paperwork.   Appraisal, inspection, some minor repairs, a serious soffit-to-baseboard scrubbing by professional cleaning gnomes, and so on.  Then, of course, the hours-long ordeal of closing.

Somewhere along the line I need to get the carpet stretched and cleaned, and a fridge acquired...

So much to do, and from here on out, the process of fix, repair & upgrade will never end.  It's already overdue for an exterior paint job...

Sigh.  A boat may be a hole in the water you pour money into, but a house?  A house is like a giant cash-sucking vacuum you're chained to for the rest of your born days.

All the same, it's MINE!  MINE MINE MINE!!!

I present to you:  CASTLE ANTHRAX !!!

(Click Pix To Embiggenate!) 
Plenty of rafter space for the Evil Horde of Attack Bats to roost...

Grumpy McFireplace finds your fake Duraflame logs unpalatable...

Raised stage and multiple stripper poles!

Bay windows give 75 degree field of fire!

Zombie-proof bars on all exterior access ports!
General location is on the map by the red arrow.  Specific location will be on the housewarming party invites.  The old domicile is by the green star.  Work location is the very center of the map...
It's on the old (defunct) Inwood Forest East golf course, the back yard overlooking the 1st hole green.  The City purchased the course and has turned it into greenspace.
I call it "clear field of fire"...
More later!