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Friday, May 15, 2015

Bring The Pain!

Masochists Get Their Very Own Carry Gun!

Here's a fine example of a revolver that I'd just as soon let someone else shoot!

Putting a full-load Magnum cartridge in a snubby pistol is always a hair-raising experience.  The recoil can be -erm- energetic, and the resulting flash & blast can illuminate a cavern.

To make matters more fun, you can lighten up the gun for concealed carry.  Use a titanium cylinder and Scandium frame.  Composite grips.  Hell, even a plastic tube for a front sight.  Bet the thing only weighs 14 oz unloaded...

Note the kind warning asking for a minimum bullet weight of 120 grains.  Any less than that, and the recoil causes the lighter bullets to "walk" out of their seats, either forwards and tying up the cylinder, or backwards, boosting pressure until the cylinder grenades on you.

All I can say concerning firing such a specimen is this...

Have some shooting gloves at the time, and a tube of Ben Gay and a bottle of Tylenol for afterwards.  You're definitely pushing some finger bones out of alignment!

All this pain for $880 at Collector's Firearms.