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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Sign On The Dotted Line!


Just got a thick packet of documents from the mortgage lending folks.

Check this shit out.  Bear in mind this is the required stack of paperwork for a single guy with decent credit, only one job, and no other income sources:

* Credit Card Authorizaton for Appraisal
* 1003 - URLA
* HUD/V.A. Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application
* Good Faith Estimate
* Settlement Service List of Providers
* Acknowledgement of Receipt of Good Faith Estimate
* Federal Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Statement
* Affiliated Business Disclosure
* Borrower's Certification & Authorization
* Credit Score Disclosure
* Disclosure Notices
* Equal Credit Opportunity Act Notice
* Fair Credit Reporting Act
* FACT Act Disclosure
* Acknowledgement of Intent to Proceed
* Undisclosed Debt Acknowledgement Obligation
* Undisclosed Debt Obligation
* Itemization of Amount Financed
* Mortgage Fraud is Investigated by the FBI
* Notice of Furnishing Negative Information
* Notice of Right to Copy of Appraisal (HPML)
* Privacy Policy
* Servicing Disclosure Statement
* Social Security Administration Authorization
* Mortgage Banker Disclosure
* TX Right to Choose Insurance Provider
* Hazard Insurance Authorization, Requirements and Disclosure
* USA Patriot Act Information Disclosure
* Notice of Right to Receive Copy of Written Appraisal/Valuation
* Homeownership Counseling Org List
* Homeownership Counseling Acknowledgment
* FHA Amendatory Statement and Real Estate Certification
* FHA For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection
* FHA Identity of Interest Certification
* FHA Important Notice to Homebuyers
* FHA Informed Consumer Choice Disclosure Notice
* FHA Notice to Homeowner
* FHA/V.A. Notice to Applicants
* HUD Appraised Value Disclosure
* No HUD Warranty
* Occupancy and Financial Statement
* Social Security Number Certification
* Appraisal Report for Lender's Use Disclosure (Dodd-Frank)
* Notice to Right to Copy of Appraisal
* TX Mortgage Banker Disclosure
* IRS 4506T - Request for Transcript of Tax Return
* WBM Needs List

Bloody hell...