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Friday, May 29, 2015

Uncommon Cannon

So Many Pistols, So Little Cash...

Some years back, probably the early 1990's, I had this Gun Digest catalog that was my "Wish Book" for that era's collection of new boomsticks.

The margins were scribbled full of notes and retail prices, and the inside covers had an extensive list of which ones would be coming home with me once I finally stumbled across that gunny sack full of $100 bills.

My wish list was heavy on revolvers and autorifles.  A buddy of mine also did the Wish List, and his ran long on custom double rifles and Euro stackbarrel shotguns.  He did have one interesting choice, though.

When it came to Colt's reptilian-monikered revolver line, I was itching for a royal blue 4" Python in .357.    His choice?  An Anaconda in .45 Long Colt.    Typically, the Anaconda was a .44 Magnum, but there was a trickle of the .45's let out of the factory.

There was just enough production of the 6" barreled .45 LC Anacondas to make them extremely uncommon.  There were just a handful of them made with a 4" pipe that are crazy-rare. 

In all my years of poking around gun shows, and watching the daily arrivals at Collector's Firearms, I've never actually see one.  Until now:

It can be yours for the low low price of $3500!

Better hurry!