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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Camera Question

Just In Case Anyone Still Reads This Thing...

It appears that I'm in need of a new digital point & shoot camera.

I've had a Canon Powershot A1000 for several years now, and it's been a perfectly acceptable camera.  It replaced an older Canon Powershot 580 that was my first foray into the digital pocket camera realm.

I've kept the Canons in a side pocket on my ditty bag, just so it's always at hand if I need it for UFOs or chupacabra sightings.  Up to this point, though, the best action photo taken with one was the NASA 747 out of Ellington AFB piggybacking the Space Shuttle over Houston's skyline.

I pulled out the Canon the other day, and it has suffered some form of injury.  The zoom slider is all wonky, and it feels like perhaps the camera took a hard hit.  Dunno how, maybe someone kicked my bag one day.

So... I need a replacement.  Got no clue what the current crop is like.

Any ideas?  Recommendations?  I prefer one that will digest lithium ion AA batteries to ones that have internal batteries.  SD card a must.   Prefer buttons to swiping/tapping screens.

$10 per megapixel about right?

Muchas Gracias!