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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cats, Boxes & Global Conglomerates

Oh, Mamma, I'z gots dem new home blooooz....

All's quiet on the home front.   So far...

At this point in the moving process, I've occupied the foreign territory, and am working to pacify the region.  Otherwise known as settling in and unpacking, and getting used to the new surroundings.

For such a large back yard and adjoining green space, I'm a bit surprised at the lack of wildlife.
I figured on more critters running about, but aside from the usual crop of birds and a squirrel or two, there hasn't been much.   The last time I lived on the edge of a large grassy plain, there were lots of rabbits to be seen in the evening, and the occasional skunk or possum.

Could be that the local cats have been keeping busy. There's a Holstein-looking tomcat with half a tail I've dubbed "Stumpy" that I see almost every day.  I also spotted a mackerel tabby this morning in the wee hours.  Neither one looks to be a pet, but they seem in good health, and a regular diet of bunny will keep a cat fat & happy.

I'm still ass-deep in boxes, and will be for some time.  I'm unable to unpack the books and DVDs until suitable shelf space is acquired or constructed.  This could take a while...

AT&T is due to come out on Friday and unfuck their Uverse service.  They sent me the self-install kit, which was supposed to be quick, easy and save me $100 on the install.

What they neglected to tell me was that they've selected one particular phone jack that is the only one that will connect, but they can't tell me which one it is.

The previous owner was a bit of a phone freak, and installed a jack in damn near every room, including both bathrooms and the garage.  I refuse to lug modem, power supply, cables, laptop, etc. from room to room until I find the right one, so I browbeat AT&T to come out and wire it up like I'd prefer.

We'll see how that works out.  They say they won't charge me, but those greedy bastards get their pound of flesh one way or another...

More later, kiddies...