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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Step Forward...

Two Steps Back, And You Also Trip And Fall On Your Ass

Home ownership truly is the neverending "Honey Do" list.  Even if you're you're a drone on your own...

Once you get that big ol' mortgage check written, there's just as much cash needed for upkeep & repair, it seems.  It's like your Home Sweet Home has an eternal hand out saying "Fuck You!  Pay Me!!"

I got to futzing around with the gas range the other night, and managed to get all four burners to not only light, but ignite off the internal sparker and not a match.  It takes a second or so longer than perhaps it should, and makes a nice *WHOOSH* that you'd be advised to keep your eyebrows clear of, but it works!

OTOH, the kitchen sink has sprung a leak, dumping any water poured down the drain underneath into the cabinet below.  One of the connectors off the disposal unit seems to have torn itself loose, mostly 'cause the sink itself has a wobble to it due to an uneven countertop.

"Fuck You!  Pay Me!!"

So, you can still use the right side of the sink, just not the left side.

The shitter in the hall bathroom has got a wonky flapper valve.  That's an easy enough fix, but I'm just going to replace the entire unit with a larger toilet.

"Fuck You!  Pay Me!!"

See, for the last 10 years, I've been using an ADA compliant can.  17" high, deep bowl, built for folks transferring off of wheel chairs, or for plus-size mofos like me.

That's been one of the serious issues with this new house, having to drop a deuce into the old-style mini-toilets.   They're the old short round bowl, and for me, it's like trying to squat and crap into a gallon paint can.

Damn, this is a lot of work.  I shoulda just gotten that van down by the river...