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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Those Dirty Birdies

First World Problems

Every day in the new house is an opportunity to discover something new.

Some things are good.  Others?  Not so much...

There's a nice porch out back.  Not huge, maybe 12x14, just big enough for a few chairs and a BBQ pit.

It seems fairly sturdy in spite of the thin roof, which is constructed of that corrugated fiberglass greenhouse paneling.  Still, it lets in some light, and appears to be watertight.

The downside?  With the tight construction and wooden framework underneath, it's remarkably similar to a banjo resonator or a snare drum head in terms of transmitting sound.

I discovered this last Sunday morning, when a flock of birds decided that my back porch was an ideal spot for their minyan.

The sport of the day was to race back and forth on the roof, every little claw echoing on the paneling and getting amplified.  Somehow this got channeled directly to the master bedroom, and hence on to the unwilling ears of your intrepid homeowner.

Next item on the shopping list?  One of those plastic owls, or perhaps a hungry feral cat...