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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Seduced By The Hun

Today, Your Driveway!  Tomorrow, The World!!

Man, I forgot how much I hate car shopping...

It's better than it used to be.  Back in the day, you had three tiny lines in the Classified ads that you had to decipher to figure out if it was worth your time to go look at the car.

Now, just about everything's online, which has its own set of issues.

See, you can look at all kinds of vehicles, including those you have no business even considering.

I speak of Ze Churmans and their over-engineered autos.

Ordinarily, I would never waste my time even considering a Merc, Beemer or Audi.  But when it's just a mouse click away, what'll it hurt to take a peek?

I know better.  I've been there, albeit on the lower end of the Krautwagen spectrum.

I owned a VW GTi back in the 90's.  Great car, fun to drive.  When it *did* drive.  It was exceedingly fond of puking up odd bits of its own engine, and costing me an insane amount of cash to get it repaired.

Alternators that would cost $30-40 on a Ford/Chevy/Dodge cost upwards of $400.  $240 for a set of spark plug wires, as opposed to $20.  Even the damn power window switches, which burnt out every 6 months, cost $110 a pop.

That was on a VeeDub, the Hyundai of the Wurst-snapper breed of cars.  Multiply that times 2-3 for replacement parts for a Benz, BMW or Audi.

So, why do I keep looking at Mercedes S-class rides????


But they're so... plush.  Roomy.  There's fans in the leather seats that blow cool air up over your balls...

God, I've got to snap out it.  I must not be seduced by the Hun!!