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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Behind Door #2

Where's Monty Hall When You Need Him?

On an earlier post, I was whinging about the need for a new vehicle.

These were my options:

#1 - Finance a 2-4 year old low mileage vehicle, and live on tapwater and pinto beans for 48-60 months.  In the dark, with no A/C except on the "Free Weekends" plan.

#2 - Buy a 5-9 year old vehicle with 50-100K miles on it, pay 1/2 down, finance the rest, and have a 36-48 month payment that is annoying, but livable.

#3 - Pay cash for a beater, drive it until it explodes.  Rinse, repeat.

The final decision got made last week, Option #2 was the winner.

The new ride?

2007 Ford Freestar minivan.  V-6 engine, 54,000 miles, freezer-grade A/C, and so immaculate you could eat off the engine block.

Not the sexy ride I was hoping for, but it'll do.