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Monday, October 31, 2016

Subliminal Advertising?

I'm Probably Overthinking This...

OK, so I'm perusing the news, and click on a link to the NY Times for a story on the newly exposed Weiner, and how this Weiner may be screwing Hillary's shot at the throne.

As I'm on the link, this pops up:

It's an ad for some fancy hi-rise in NYC, at 111 Murray in the Tribeca area.  If you've got about 4-5 million bux in pocket change, you can live there.

So, I'm just curious.  Are those giant butt plugs on the coffee table?  Is that a custom pillow-biter couch for some scenic buttsecks?

I guess if you're trying to attract well-to-do gays, but need to keep it on the down-low, you go the subliminal route...