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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Douche Flute

Xmas Gifts: A Hit-Or-Miss Affair

Beware strangers bearing gifts.

Especially beware friends bearing gifts...

Recently, I asked a buddy of mine some questions regarding his vaping habit.  For those of you residing under rocks & logs, vaping is a smoking alternative where you use an electronic gizmo to vaporize a fluid mix and inhale the resulting vapor into your lungs.

Somehow, aforementioned buddy got the idea that I was looking to join the ranks of the Vape Apes.

Knowing my penchant for cigars, he acquired some vaping fluid (e-juice) with a supposed cigar aroma, and paired it with an entry-level vaping machine.  Looks like a long silver fountain pen with a power button and a plastic rocket nozzle mouthpiece.

For the record, it does *not* taste like a cigar.  Also, the nicotine content of the pseudo-cigar juice makes the top of my skull want to peel back.

I suppose I could try another flavor, and go nicotine-free, but I'm not really seeing the point.  I can easily go all day without needing to burn a stogie, and the appeal of sitting at my desk surreptitiously huffing Juicy Fruit-flavored fog is just not there.

Plus, vaping seems to be a hipster thing.  Hence, the "Douche Flute" reference.

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