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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Let's not get all personal, now.

Call me Cap, by the way. It's a long, long story dating back to high school band, involving Captain Jack sunscreen and promotional bumperstickers advertising same.

Now, it's short for El Capitan which is:
a) my favorite JP Sousa march, and
b) the coolest rock face in North America.

It's also a bit of Captain America (my fave comic hero as a kid) and a touch of Captain Morgan (a rum I drink far too much of). Perhaps a tiny pinch of every pirate captain that ever sailed the Spanish Main. Trying to pass 4 semesters of college Spanish added the Latin flavor.

It's my Gameranger gaming handle, my iChat handle (capitan86, anyway. Some scurvy dog beat me to the punch while I was still farting around on OS 9 instead of using OSX and iChat 1.0) and several other internet aliases as well.

So, what's my real name? If you read Andy's blog really carefully, you'll figure out my first name. I wasn't trying to hide my tracks. If you need to know more, give me a compelling reason, and we'll see. No big secret, but who knows where this will take me, and I work in a job that's more political than I expected it to be. The last thing I need is a pissed off alcalde.