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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Workplace Efficiency? Not Here!

Urgh. I'm stuffed like a gluttonous tick on a hemophiliac buffalo.

We just got finished with the RamaHanuChristmaKwanz-athon Holiday Lunch at work. Nothing like taking a couple of hours off on the taxpayer's dime to gorge on holiday food. In one small bit of civic responsibility, we did pay for the food ourselves, but I think we coulda gotten a better deal with a better caterer.

The usual suspects were there: ham, turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, veggies, etc. We also have a fairly sizable Hispanic workforce, so to my great delight, we also had about 4 tons of puerco y pollo y frijole tamales and arroz con pollo with a screamin' hot salsa. I made a revolutionary discovery that jellied cranberry sauce, the aforementioned screamin' hot salsa and pork tamales are a culinary masterpiece when combined.

I contributed a big ol' container of chocolate-covered cranberries to the fiesta. I learned about them from my friend Scott, who's been a chef in a previous life. He first approached me with a bag of what I thought were yogurt-covered raisins, and just said "Try some!" As you might imagine, I got a mouthful of tart cranberry and white chocolate, and didn't know whether to spit or swallow. They're really good, though. I made them for Thanksgiving, and got all fancy with some Ghirardelli Extra Dark chocolate, but that was aiming too high. The bittersweet chocolate didn't complement the tart cranberries as well as it could have. This time, I went with a milk chocolate coating and then striped them with white chocolate. Good stuff, Maynard!

Now, it's the afternoon struggle to stay awake until it's time to catch the bus going home. I finally got iTunes installed on the work PC, but there's no way to email myself my home MP3 library of 18GB. I've got a scattering of compilation CDs, and two or three regular CDs available, but all of my other CDs are in storage. There's no way I'm going to be doing the BearShare or Morpheus thing at work. Guess I'll have to learn to exist on about 100 songs in rotation.

OK, let me nap, er... inspect the back shelves in the file room for a bit, and dream up a couple of rants for the afternoon lull.

More later.