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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Caution: Frivolous Postings Ahead!!

Sorry for the lightweight posting this evening, but I've been ministering to the terminally ignunt all day, and I'm about tired. To quote St. Jimmy of the Sacred Beach, "My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus."

El Cap's now gonna have a double scotch on ice, shove the cats out of the bedroom, and try for 10 hours of sleep.

So, without further ado.... some random silliness.


Delaware Punch is now the official non-carbonated bug juice* of choice in the Realm of the Baboon Pirates. Plan your tribute offerings accordingly.

*Bug juice was the name given to the ultra-sweet drink mix we used to serve at summer camp. It was usually mixed up in 10 gallon water coolers, with an extra bag of powdered concentrate thrown in to offset the slowly melting 10 lb block of ice that cooled it in the 100 degree weather. We also had several Jet-Spray fountain dispensers scattered around camp that had a more-or-less neverending mix of bug juice running for 4 months at a time. You just kept adding mix & water whenever it ran low, and never cleaned it out until camp shut down. It tasted better that way. Trust me!
Bug juice came in two colors, red and orange, and the taste was just about the same regardless of hue. I preferred the red, just because it made a longer-lasting stain when you spilled it down the back of some poor counselor-in-training's new camp staff shirt. Their mothers hated us for doing that, but it was truly a sign of respect to the ITC's that were worth a damn.

Via Zippo, we learn that Texas has an official tartan, called the Texas Bluebonnet Tartan. We are most amused, and plan an entire wardrobe as soon as we can import some worthy oriental gentleman from Hong Kong for the tailoring.

El Capitan has decided it's time to get inked again. Choices under consideration are a wreath of bluebonnets and blooming prickly pears around the existing Texas themed tattoo on my right bicep, or to break ground on the left bicep and go for the cave-art style buffalo I've been wanting. Runner up idea is a shaded rendering of the buffalo on the about-to-be-reissued Buffalo nickel. Anyone knowing a good custom tat-meister in Houston, please let me know. Otherwise I'll get it in Dallas where I know the inkers. Houston tattoo shops seem a little heavy on the prison-style tats and cheap flash.

OK, Elvis has left the building, fanboys. Time for bed.