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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stocking Up For The Blogfest

Y'all Are Gonna Enjoy These!

Just got back from the licka sto'. Bought the basics for about a gallon of Key Lime Pie shooters. I still need to get the ice, half & half and some fresh limes, but that'll wait until I get to Austin. Gotta have some excuse to go to Central Market!

Bleah! It's about 97 zillion degrees outside. I had to sit in traffic for longer than I needed. That damn I-10 construction just keeps dragging in and on and on...

Also picked up some Bombay Sapphire gin & some tonic water. I hope I've got some lime juice in the fridge. A gin & tonic with lime is just what I need to decompress & cool down.

Bought an entire double sleeve of plastic shot glasses for the shooters. Smallest package available. There's gotta be 200 of 'em in there. I foresee the patio balcony of the Holiday Inn becoming strewn with these before the end of the weekend.

OK, gotta go make a drink. More later.