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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things To Do In Austin When You're Drunk

Rifle Practice From The UT Tower Is NOT Recommended...

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Shoe & Christina were kind enough to give over the keys to the 2006 Texas BlodgerFest site so's I could speak a piece. Normally Baboon Pirates tend to mark any new territory so they feel at home. Y'know, fling some poo, drink up all the rum, maybe run off with the silverware. That site still has that new blog smell, so I was on my best behavior!

Austin's been a 3rd Texas home to me over the years. My favorite-est aunt & uncle live there, and my Dad had a house up near Justin & Lamar for some years, eventually turning it over to my sister before she got hitched and moved out to Kyle, TX.

I've found some baboonalicious things to do in Austin over the years, and I'm gonna share 'em with you!

Best Free Show - The Congress Street Bats - Every night at dusk, about a gazillion Mexican free-tailed bats come swarming out from under the bridge and go flapping off into the sunset in search of their nightly feast of 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of mo-skeeters and other insects. Don't miss the bat-hat vendors!

Best Breakfast - The Omelettry - Located at Burnet & 49th, The Omelettry will serve up omelets as big as your head, and some wondrous gingerbread pancakes ("Prozac on a Plate"). Get there early, or plan to wait, it gets crowded. They'll pour you some coffee while you wait for your table, though!

Best Non-Alcoholic Drink - Lemonade at Player's - Player's (which better still be open at MLK & Guadalupe!) serves up a pretty decent burger, but the real draw is the lemonade. I've never had better, anywhere. They must use lemons fertilized with crack cocaine or something. I've driven 50 miles out of my way for some of this sweet nectar!

Best Hole In The Wall - The Hole In The Wall - It was shut down for a while, but Austin's smallest live music venue is back up and running! I can't count the times I lugged amps & drum kits in and out of here back in my roadie days. It's on Guadalupe (The Drag!) across from UT campus. If you pass the Jack In The Box, you've gone too far!

Best French Fries - Hyde Park Bar & Grill - Good sammiches, great fries, and a nice cozy little neighborhood eatery. Worth seeking out. 4206 Duval St

Best Grocery Store - Central Market - This is where God shops when he's throwing a bash. You need it? They've probably got it. From demiglace to dill weed, it's a gourmet's paradise. A better beer & wine selection than almost any licka sto'. Two locations in Austin.

Best Bookstore - Book People - Largest Bookstore in Texas! These folks carry such a wide selection, you think you're in the Library of Congress, only with price tags. The price tags ain't cheap, but if you're looking for that obscure mystery series you read back in 1978, it's probably on the shelf. Makes the selection at Barnes & Noble & Borders look like the paperback rack at the drug store. 6th & Lamar

Best Music Selection - Waterloo Records Second verse, same as the first. Great independent music store, with knowledgable, non-snooty help. 6th & Lamar (across the street from Book People)

Best Tequila Drink - Mexican Martini at The Tavern - You're never too far from 12th and Lamar! Ask for a dirty Mexican martini. It's basically a margarita with a dash of olive brine (for the salt!) served in a HUGE martini glass. They also leave the martini shaker, so you really get a drink & a half. Worth every penny, but after 4 of 'em, best call a cab!

See y'all around town!