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Friday, June 06, 2008

Effed In The Ay Once Again...

Financial Solvency: "To Dreaaaam The Impossible Dreaaaaammmmm!!"

Well, those filthy knob-gobblers at the IRS have done it again. First they sent out a notice saying I'd get a $600 tax rebate. Then, I got another notice saying it would arrive this week.

I've been on the ragged edge financially for some time. Struggling to finally get my student loans paid off, increasing medical bills, and paying $80 per fill-up was making things tough. I've got about $1200 worth of work that needs to be done on my truck, and it needs new tires as well.

This was the paycheck to get it done, though. I'd managed to scrimp and save and tuck enough away that between this paycheck, savings, and that stimulus check, I could get the truck fixed and re-shod, pay all my bills, and still have enough left over to go to Mom's family get-together at the end of the month.

Ha. As if.

Yesterday I got a nice letter from the aforementioned filthy IRS knob-gobblers saying that they would be keeping that $600 stimulus check and applying it to my outstanding tax debt.


Look, it's not like I'm denying I owe the IRS money. I do. OTOH, The Fed is in the process of handing out about 110 BILLION DOLLARS in rebates. My $600 is not going to cause the Federal Reserve to default or anything. It's a question of who's got the most pressing need for it right now.

Sigh. I expect I'll come home tonight and find that raccoons have occupied the attic, black mold has coated the air ducts, and the dishwasher has exploded. That's the way my year is going...