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Monday, August 03, 2009

Bits & Pieces

All The Glues That's Flit To Squint

First of all, we have a winner in Friday's Weekend Caption Contest!

Naturally, I thought mine was funniest, but I'll admit that if you haven't seen the movie 'Fletch', the humor might be lost on you.

So, the funniest caption from someone other than the site host is...


His caption? "Oh, no! It's a Cajun with a recipe!"

Having known a few Cajuns, I can say with certainty they'd deep-fry a bulldozer if they could figure out how to get the hide off of it...

So, Mostly Cajun gets his choice of a random item from my desk drawer, or a frosty cold beverage at a local watering hole the next time he's called to Houston and has some time to kill.


Next... I'm off to a family reunion in Salado, TX this Friday. This means I'll be missing my usual First Friday Poker Night for the first time in ages. It won't be complete loss, I'll carry a deck of cards and see if I can't relieve my younger kinfolk of their allowance money. Hey, it's a time-honored family tradition! I got took for nearly $40 by my cousin Johnny when I was a wee lad of 13. You'll learn quick enough not to draw to an inside straight!


I had to do my first de-friending on Facebook. Most of my extended family, including the younger school-age cousins, have linked to each other, so I didn't see any problem "friending" the daughter of my brother-in-law's brother. What is that to me? Brother-in-law-in-law? Anyway, his family and ours have spent several holidays together, so I was not expecting the avalanche of horror when my sister and BIL saw "Holly" on my Friend list.

As it turns out, "Holly's" birth-mom is apparently batshit crazy, and looks for any means available to cause chaos and deviltry with my BIL's entire family. She's already used "Holly's" Facebook link with another sibling of BIL to gin up an accusation of molestation and abuse of "Holly". To hell with THAT noise... I de-friended and blocked "Holly" ASAP.

I hate to do that to a young kid with no explanation, but I certainly don't need any baby-momma drama, especially when I didn't have the dubious pleasure of being the sperm-donor in the equation...

Watch those social networking sites, y'all! They're not always fun & games!