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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Temper, Temper...

Warranties Cheerfully Voided For No Extra Fee!

Had a bit of a Hagrid moment this evening.

"Shouldn't have done that...  Should NOT have done that!!"

Came home after a 10 hour day capped off with multiple drive-bys of possible home sites in obscure regions of NW Houston.

I was greeted by the incessant peeping of a battery-starved carbon monoxide detector.  I had a spare 9v battery handy, but what I lacked was the obscure bit to fit the screwhead sealing the battery door shut.

15 minutes of futzing accompanied by 15 high-decibel beeps, and El Capitan had all he could stand.

Four inches of high-grade Japanese steel will peel open the backside of a CO detector with very little effort.

The patient, alas, did not survive the operation.

To hell with it.  I'll just make sure I relocate somewhere that's got all-electric utilities...