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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nocturnal Visitors

I Can See Lepidoptera By The Front Porch Light!

I had my camera tucked into one of the pockets of my lawn chair in order to get pics of the "Supermoon" a few nights ago. Alas, cloud cover made that an exercise in futility, but I did have the camera handy to catch these two visitors.

This first one was easy to find online. I just Googled "white moth with black circles" and found out that this is a Hypercompe scribonia or Giant Leopard Moth.

No clue what this one is. He was nice enough to stay on the wall and not flutter around in my hair, like most moths usually do.

The June bugs are already gathering by the dozen under the porch light, and it's only March. Wish the neighborhood cats would eat them...