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Friday, October 29, 2004

I'm off like a prom dress....

8 hours of municipal drudgery, then I'm heading north up to Dallas for the weekend. Jenni's finally making an honest man out of Barry, and they're doing it in the true Samhain spirit.

I've been to a handfasting before, but never one at midnight on Halloween. Two points for style, sweetie! I just hope we're not required to appear skyclad for the event. I forgot to get my back waxed...

So, no posts until Sunday night. I'd post pics, but the digital camera is busy out in W. Texas, as Mom needed it to take pics of my sister's pregnant belly. At 6 weeks, there's no bulge that wasn't there already (Sorry, sis...) but you know how Moms are.

Adios, ramblers. See ya in 3 days.