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Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm so damned impatient.

I decided over the holiday to cut back on the blatantly obvious link-whoring, just to see if I could maintain a decent hit level.

Heh. (and my best Glenn Reynolds style "Heh" to boot...)

Bit too early for that, it seems. With the big (relative to this site anyway!) spikes coming off of links from several "A-list" bloggers, and the dalliances with catblogging and recipe blogging, I had what I thought were great numbers for a 6 week old blog. Once the plateau plateau-ed, though, grab that parachute, bucko, you're going down. It seems, in terms of blog-elections, I've once again swept my close personal circle of friends.

Devolving from a Crawly Amphibian to a Slimy Mollusc on the TTLB Ecosystem kinda sucked too. I very much enjoyed snatching up insects with a long sticky tongue, rather than just filtering fish poop for sustenance. I'm gonna pass on making an analogy to my current state of low hits on that last remark...

So, pride be damned. Back to link-whoring. Writing's fun, but in my case just the act of doing it (like masturbation) is not enough. For complete fulfillment, you've really got to have a crowd of unsuspecting people watching it play out in all its horrible splendor. Not that I'd wank in front of a group of tourists or octogenarians, mind you.

Unless they clapped REALLY hard.