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Monday, December 06, 2004

Pure Genius!

UPDATE: Welcome to all the Carnival of the Capitalists Readers! Thanks to a suggestion from an "ignorant foreign reader", a link is now provided to the full text of the 4th Amendment! This was meant to be an example of creative marketing, BTW, not just a product plug!

I just had to pass this along... I'm sure this made the blog rounds two and a half years ago, but it's high time it had a revival!

I was reading essays on the Penn & Teller site, (these guys are my heroes) and was absolutely floored by the genius of a creation that Penn was relating.

How cool is this.... A copy of the Bill of Rights printed on a metal card! If you don't see the implications, let me quote Penn...
"He got the idea to make playing card size copies of the Bill of Rights printed on metal. With the 4th Amendment in red. It's called 'Bill of Rights, Security Edition,' and it's made just for flying. It's a great idea. A really great idea. It sets off the metal detectors and you get to hear the security person say, "I'm going to have to take away your Bill of Rights."

I really dislike flying, moreso after the TSA and Homeland Security took over the security screening process, but I just may have to fly up to Dallas just to try this out! I've already ordered a bunch to give away as stocking-stuffers.

You can too! Go here! $15 gets you 5, plus free shipping.

Oh, and read the full article, while you're at it!