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Friday, January 14, 2005

Bus Stop Preacher Part Deux

I got to see the entire performance this evening. Mr. Bible Thumper showed up again today at the corner of Louisiana and Walker at the Metro stop to share a bit more fire and brimstone. He slinked up unnoticed (like they do...) started passing out tracts, then launched right into the sermon. He ranted and railed for about 10 minutes, then handed out more tracts and headed off southward. I noticed he had an understudy this time, some kid barely in his twenties.

I don't know what sect he represents, but he orders his tracts from the International Bible Association. Says so on the back. Only $2 per 100 postpaid! What a bargain! I bet those Jack Chick comic tracts cost more than that.

I dunno if I want to see this guy more than once a month. I may have to get another bus route figured out. A street preacher every now and then is good for keeping the ennui at bay, but too often just gets depressing.