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Monday, January 17, 2005

Light Blogging Alert

Our on-again off-again internet cable service is back up after a 20 hour vacation. Naturally, the techno-wonks promise to send someone out to look at it. They will, like all times past, enter the house, go to the computer, and look at it. They will see the little blinking lights on the cable modem and say, like all times past, "Looks like it's working fine to me!" I will, of course, like all times past, have to restrain myself from beating them senseless with their multimeter and interring them under the compost pile.

I've just about had enough of this spotty service. We've had the complete cable replaced from the overhead power lines and down around the house. 6 different modems. I've worn my knees raw crawling under the computer desk to unplug and replug the router switch. Nothing fixes the glitches. Every 3-4 months, Roadrunner just craps out and takes an extended holiday for a few days. Then for those few days, it's just a random guess as to when it'll shut down. Maybe for a minute, maybe an hour, maybe all day. You just never know.

Personally, I think the problem's in the local switching/signal booster boxes around the neighborhood. Instead of mounting them high up out of reach, they're all at eye level, and subject to the knocks and baseball bat swings of the local cholos. I've seen 'em screwing with the boxes, I just can't get the cops here fast enough to catch 'em in the act.

So, since I don't know how long this internet-schizoid spell will last, I'm gonna go rent some DVD's and spend my last paid holiday until Memorial Day watching flicks and eating popcorn instead of blogging. I'll get back into it later tonight.