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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Booze Reviews - #14 - Carta Blanca Beer

Well, I got tired of seeing the same old thing at the bottom of the Booze Reviews list, so I thought I ought to add a new one this evening.

I bought a 32 oz. bottle of Carta Blanca lager last summer since I needed a really cheap beer to pour out into saucers in my herb garden to drown the slugs. One thing led to another, and I never got around to my slug intoxication chores. The bottle just kicked around in the back of the fridge until tonight. I'm not sure how badly the extended stay in the Kenmore is gonna affect the taste, but I'm not sure it can get a lot worse.

There's a word on the label I don't recognize. Right underneath the Carta Blanca logo, it says 'Caguama'. I hope that's not Nahuatl for "iguana squeezings".

It's a pretty typical Mexican lager. Not much body, kind of a sour taste, almost non-existent hops. There's a sweetish-metallic aftertaste as well. You can just barely get a whiff of a yeasty bread-dough aroma off the glass. There's just not a lot of character here.

Hardly any carbonation to speak of. I poured 4 consecutive 8 oz glasses, and while there's still a trickle of bubbles, it could almost be considered flat less than 10 minutes after opening the bottle.

I'm not sure this beer is good for much except killing slugs, and the brain cells of those idiotic enough to buy it. It's certainly a bargain at $1.29 a quart. For a five-spot, you could get gloriously toasted, yet I fear the resultant hangover.

Can't really recommend this one, even for the poor and downtrodden. Not while you can get an oil-can of Foster's for 50 cents more.

Pass this one by, compadres.

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