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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What If They Gave A Carnival, And No One Showed Up?

Or, If Instapundit ignores it, does it even exist?

This is sorta weird...

I hadn't intended on entering anything in this week's Carnival Of The Vanities. I mean, a little blog-whoring is OK, but let's stay in the 'Expensive Call Girl In A Manhattan Hotel Bar'-method of blog whoring, not the 'Stand On A Street Corner In Brooklyn Waving Your Crotch At Transit Buses' method of blog-whoring!

Still, I liked my Texas Prayer post enough to enter it in the Carnival. What the hell, you're only young once.

Now, normally when I jump into the Carnival Of The Vanities pool, my traffic goes from 40-50 hits per day into the 200-300 hits per day range, mostly due to all the lookie-loos following Glenn's lead. He is usually pretty quick to link not only the Carnival Of The Vanities, but also the Grand Rounds medical carnival, the Carnival Of The Recipes, and the Carnival Of The Capitalists.

Today, however, for whatever reason (State Of The Union? the fact that COTV's on a Gay, Green & Lefty blog?) the Instapundit failed to link it. Even the progenitor of the COTV, Silflay Hraka, didn't get a link up until after 9 pm this evening.

As I said, usually I get 200-300 hits from the COTV. Today, I've had TWO! Sure, I'm towards the bottom of the COTV list this week, but even when that's happened before I get at least 200 hits. Hell, I got more hits today from last week's COTV! I took a sneak-peek at Ken Sain's Sitemeter stats. Usually a COTV combined with an Instalanche is good for 2000-3000 hits. Yesterday, Ken's traffic only increased by a little over 100 hits.

I would have thought the COTV carried enough inherent merit in its 124th week to thrive even with the lack of links from the big bloggers. Maybe not, though. While I would've liked an additional 300 hits this week, I feel kinda bad for Ken Sain. It sucks to throw a party and have it sparsely attended.

So, my question stands... If Glenn Reynolds ignores a post, does it make a sound when it hits the Internet?