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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Birthday Weekend! Light Posting Alert

Go Read Wizbang or LGF For A While!

OK, one last time.... Come join the Jenni & Cap birthday pubcrawl! We meet at J. Gilligans (Abram & Pecan? well, near there, anyway) in Arlington, TX tomorrow night at 8 pm for dinner and from there we head out to the dive bars along Division st. You DFW bloggers that read this blog (and we both know who you are!) are welcome to show up and partake in as much or as little frivolity as you can handle.

As always, I'll be in the brown Caddy and wearing my El Capitan hat, and it's not really bragging when I say that I really stand out in a crowd.

OK, now the bad news.

Lots of stuff on my plate today trying to get ready for a 4 day weekend. I had a couple of ideas for blogposts, but no time to work 'em up into something suitable, so rather than put out a half-ass product, I'll just put this thing on ice for the weekend. I'll try and repost the piece I wrote for Andy's blog when he was getting carved on, but I'm not going to be within arm's reach of a computer until Monday. I'll have PLENTY to say then, so drop by next week!

Adios, y'all. Wish my liver luck!