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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Thanks For The Boost!

I Oughta Do That More Often!

The surge of hits from last Friday's Carnival of Cordite is tailing off. Though I try to blog for the sake of blogging, (blog gratia bloggus?) I'd be lying if I said that seeing all those warm bodies perusing through the archives of Baboon Pirates didn't make me wag my tail with joy.

I even managed to rise up into the ranks of the Marauding Marsupials in the TTLB ecosphere. That won't last, but while it does, I'm enjoying this new pouch that you get issued. It's pretty handy for car key and cell phone storage.

I did not get the Instalanche I was kinda hoping for, proving yet again that the Puppy Puree-er assigns his links with an inscrutability that no one can figure out. Perhaps he, like so many other linkers to the Carnival, couldn't quite reconcile the name of this blog with the content. Hmmmm... no one bats an eye at Scrappleface or Little Green Footballs, but Baboon Pirates is just too "out there" for you? I gotta wonder.

Anyway, enough bitching on what was intended as a happy post! Thanks again to Gullyborg for the opportunity, and I'd love to do it again sometime! I might even buy some server space so I can start hosting jpegs again!

Muchas Gracias, y'all!