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Sunday, April 23, 2006

BlogFest Change Of Plans

Economics Rears Its Ugly Head

Relax, relax, I'm still going... It's just that I can't play Gunny Claus this trip. Last summer's blogmeet I was able to supply all the ammo anyone wanted to shoot for just about my entire arsenal.

This go-round, things are a bit tighter, financially. After figuring the hotel, gas, etc., the only boomsticks I can supply unlimited ammo for are the .22s and the 8mm Mauser.

I'll still have a good portion of the armory with me. You'll just need to feed 'em yourself. So, if you wanna shoot a .357 Magnum, a .45 six-shooter, a .45 automatic, or a 12 gauge 'boomstick', drop by Wal-Mart and grab a box of shells. Generic "white box" .45 Auto and .357 Mag run $10-13 per 50 rounds, .45 Long Colt (for the cowboy six-shooter) runs about $20/50 rds, and 12 ga. can be dirt cheap, if you buy skeet loads. Maybe $3-4 for a box of 25. Buckshot is a bit more!

All this assumes we're going to Red's, where the motto seems to be "If you can shoulder it, you can shoot it." If we go elsewhere, they may not let you fire the shotty from the regular lanes.

I will have some full-power buckshot loads on hand. Anyone willing to one-hand my 'shorty shotty' gets a free go!