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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cooler Than You!

OK, Maybe Not That Cool...

Bought a new cooler today. All my ice-chest type coolers seem to disappear on me. I think the neighbors are swiping them from the garage in the dead of night. Either that, or they've been pulled into the junk vortex that is currently dominating the garage.

This one's a new type for me, the collapsible fabric cooler. I don't think it'll hold the heat out very well, but what the hell. Ice is cheap, and this one has wheels and a pull handle.

I'll carry a jungle mix of beer, water, sodas, ice and maybe a surprise or two. It's supposedly good for 72 cans, though I doubt that includes ice in the cubic footage calculations. I also need to figure out how to lash my folding chair to it to make a truly mobile party experience.

I'm looking for my pirate flag and a way to fly it to mark our territory at the Lick Friday night. Maybe 50 foot of rope and a shitload of helium balloons. I'll keep you posted as to details.