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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anybody Wanna Buy A Cadillac?

Runs Great! Stops... Eh, Not So Good.

The verdict is in on the Caddy. Got the laundry list of problems this morning from Mr. Goodwrench.

It's off to the wrecking yard, I'm afraid.

The computerized ABS hydraulic thing-a-ma-bob on the brake system is kaput, and a replacement unit will run around $1800. That doesn't include labor, either. The A/C won't ever run again unless I toss in another $2200. It needs another $200 in brake shoes & turned rotors. Another $500 to fix various odds & ends, including seeping oil & transmission pans. They're still not sure what causes the defrost and heater to come on at random intervals, but they're pretty sure $400 will clear that right up.

What are we up to, now? $5000? Shit, I only paid $2600 for the damned thing.

So, I'm back in the car market. Hopefully I can find something quick. Every time I get in the Cad, it's about a 50% chance whether the brakes will work at any particular stop.

My super-mojo powers of cheap car finding are out of kilter this week. Must be all the rain. Usually I can stumble across a little-old-lady car pretty quick. Guess all the old biddies are staying healthier and driving longer.