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Monday, June 19, 2006

Floods, Fires & Famine

Just Another Day In The Big City

Typical Monday for me... Brakes on the Cad finally went out. My usual mechanic won't touch the ABS stuff, so I had to take it over to the local Cad shop to get an estimate. If it's more than $1000 to fix it, I have a feeling some terrible no-goodniks are gonna steal it and set it afire some dark night.

While the car was at mechanic #1, I managed to get to the METRO transit center to catch a bus into work. Got a call on the cell phone, it was a message from The Man saying all non-essential personnel should stay home today. Hmmmph. I was 'essential personnel' when a hurricane was bearing down on us last fall. Guess they heard I was having car issues.

So, a quiet day at home abusing my cats and searching eBay for a new ride. Found a Caddy Deville for $6000. I'd prefer a full-sized Buick or Chevy, just so spare parts don't have that pricy gold-plated Caddy logo on 'em. I can live without the bells & whistles, but I do need a roomy ride.

This might affect my July travels, kiddies, so please be patient with me until I get this ironed out. I thought I could nurse Sparky the PimpSled through another summer, but it looks like this might be all she wrote.

Dammit. I do not need to be making car payments. Wonder if I can find a cheap mule somewhere.