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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mini-BlogMeet and ShootFest

Where The Elite Meet & Pack Heat

Just a quick heads-up about a mini-meet & shoot-em-up.

I'm in Austin the 1st weekend in July for a family reunion,
and I've been talking with Walrilla about meeting at Red's
Shooting Range
up in Pflugerville on July 2nd, a Sunday afternoon.

We're gonna meet there at Red's between 1pm & 2pm, shoot some assorted bangy things, then go find some cool refreshing beverages at the nearest icehouse afterwards.

If you were smart, you requested the following Monday off from
work so you've got a 4 day weekend! Spend a day on a road trip and meet up with two bald bearded gun-toting bloggers!

I emailed all the Hill Country blogcrowd, and all the Texas
gunbloggers I've met/linked. If you think of someone who'd like to be there, by all means invite them.

Hope to see y'all there. Drop me a comment if you can make it, and we'll know you're coming!