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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Work Now, Bitch Later

I Am *SO* Gonna Slack Off This Friday...

Day 2 of my ass being strapped to the Divisional belt sander. My boss's little scheme of having our HUGE annual project out the door last week to be delivered to the Minions Of The Man was completely scuppered through either calculated treachery or abysmal levels of ignorance on the part of our department's lackey administrative assistant. More on that later.

As it happens, I happen to be pretty handy with a spreadsheet, and years of payroll and inventory in past jobs gave me magical powers of 10-key-by-touch, so I've been brought in as a pinch hitter to get this finished by today.

I'm of the opinion the person who is causing me to sit here and actually crack a sweat under the strain of appraching deadlines needs to have their workstation relocated behind my chair, so they can lavish kisses upon my fundament and also supply the occasional reacharound when I start tensing up.

Back to the grind...