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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harmonious Resonance

What Once Was Coincidence Is Now Customary

I'm not gonna go all Art Bell 'Coast To Coast AM' woo-woo on you, but there's things in the blogosphere that are just way out there, man!

Take tonight, for instance. I had the urge to listen to my all-time favorite Jimmy Buffett tune, "The Wino & I Know". My CD was out in the truck, and for whatever reason, I lack it on .mp3 at the moment.

So, I cue it up on YouTube, and as is my wont, I peruse the comments as I listen and sing along.

I happen across this comment quoting from the song:
.. "cause I'm livin' on things that excite me.... be they pastry, lobster, or love....

....... "I'm just trying to get by being quiet and shy in a world full of pushing and shove.."..

.... word.... that is absolutely beautiful......... beautiful.....

Recognize all those pseudo-ellipses? I did too...

Seems the Straight White Guy had been there before me. What are the odds of that?