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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Fun With The Fleabaggers

20 Years Ago, This Would Have Infuriated Me. Now, I Just Chuckle!

We had the annual Smoke & Powder Crawl in October, the yearly outing for the stogierati to shoot guns and smoke cigars & quaff spirits (not all at the same time...)

This year we were slightly stymied by the Harris County burn ban, put in place due to the drought. As a result, there was no smoking inside city & county parks. Since the shooting range was inside a park, we could light up, but if a wandering po-leece caught us, we were subject to a $2000 fine.

Flash forward to the Occupy Houston crowd over in Tranquility Park. You've got a crowd of unemployed kids hanging out, shooting the breeze all day, and like most protesting college kids, chain-smoking cigarettes.

Officer Friendly told me a tale of how you really ought to keep your head in the game while protesting. He walks up to some fleabagger puffing on a cigarette, and tells him there's no smoking in the park due to the burn ban.

Fleabagger, instead of putting out the smoke, gives Officer Friendly some lip.

This does not end well for the fleabagger...

Instead of a warning, Officer Friendly whips out the citation book and writes the fleabagger a ticket. Probably not a $2000 fine, but at least the cost of half a dozen cartons of smokes.

Fleabagger takes it like a man, and hands his cigarette to his girlfriend while he signs the citation. Gives Officer Friendly more lip as he does it.

Officer Friendly smiles, watches the girlfriend take a drag or two, then issues HER a citation.


If there's one lesson I learned early in life, it's when a cop gives you an easy out, YOU STFU & TAKE THE OUT!!