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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decipher The Snark?

It Was A Long Weekend, And I Am Confyoozed...

OK, some of you gunny types help me out here.

I detect a subtle whiff of snark in this post by Collector's Firearms:
Winchester 70 8mm Mauser caliber rifle. Post-64 model, re-barreled to 8mm Mauser caliber. What a great idea! Excellent condition. $495.00

OK, 1963 was the high-water mark for Model 70. After that, the post-64 rifles declined in quality and collector value. So, this one's lacking from the get-go.

Second, it's been apparently re-barreled in 8mm Mauser. I personally like the caliber, but I'm guessing that with the millions upon millions of surplus 8mm Mausers available from WWII stockpiles, the idea of taking a new Winchester and doubling your purchase price to rebarrel it might seem a bit... ill-advised, to say the least. Hence the snark.

Anyone get a different read on the situation?