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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Secret Agent Man

These Are Not The Droids Guns You're Looking For...

OK, that was weird.

Got a call at the crack of dawn from my brother-in-law. He was browsing on Texas Gun Trader, and was certain he'd found his stolen .45 Auto.

A bit of background... He'd purchased a Springfield Armory .45, and after putting a couple of hundred rounds through it, sent it off for some replacement sights or a trigger job or some other custom work.

Now, for whatever reason, it never got back to him. I thought they sent these things insured, with signature on delivery, or some other way to ensure that the delivery company didn't just leave a boxful of pistol sitting on your front porch. Guess not.

So, the delivery company says they did everything right, the local PD can't do much with no suspect, and it looks like my BIL is out $750.

OK, flash forward to this morning. I get directed asked by my BIL to go meet a local seller who's got the exact same model of pistol. It's a pretty rare variant, and the seller won't tell my BIL the complete serial # over the phone.

I can't blame the seller for keeping mum. Whenever I post a picture of one of my bullet-flingers, I carefully Photochop out the serial # so that some sneaky creep can't report it stolen and cause me grief.

Now, I'm not sure what my BIL intends for me to do should the serial number match his missing gun. I'm not gonna hold the guy at gunpoint and call the law, and I'm certainly not going to try and wahoo the gun and risk a running gun battle in the parking lot of the Sugarland Whole Foods Market. Either way involves entirely too much drama and likely a trip to the pokey. I call BIL, and he says to just confirm the serial number while pretending to be an interested buyer. If it matches, we'll let Johnny Law deal with it later.

Long story short (too late, I suspect...) it's not the missing gun, and I give the seller a BS line about looking for a model with Novak carry sights instead of the target sights it's got on it. We go our separate ways, and that's that.

So, there's my adventure for the weekend.

How was your Saturday??