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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Leave It In The Damn Wrapper!

You'd Think I'd Know Better...

There's a certain attitudinal lift you get from showing up at work wearing a nice new shirt and freshly pressed pants.  When you usually look like you slept in your clothes, it's nice to show your co-workers that you can indeed locate a dry cleaners if you really have to.

And then, of course, disaster strikes...

No sooner than I sit down at the desk and slurp down a quick breakfast that I get the dreaded BBB.

That's "Breakfast Burrito Blowout", where you apply too much pressure to the burrito, the innards of your tortilla-wrapped food seek an escape route and the burrito blows a hole to relieve itself all over your shirt and trousers.

How I can get picante sauce all the way down to my knees is just a f#$&%ng mystery...

Thank the Lord for Shout Wipes.

Next time, I'm getting a McMuffin...