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Monday, August 11, 2014

Many Are Called, The Unlucky Get Chosen...

Grimly Doing My Civic Duty

I just finished filling out a juror information form, and I'll mail it as soon as I get off of work.  For the record, I was honest in my answers, though I really don't want to get selected.

After getting called up for Harris County jury service this past winter, and for City of Houston jury service a year or so ago, I got tapped for Federal Court service in a letter last week.

It's not my first go-round over in the Federal courthouse.  I've been over there a couple of times as a representative for The Man in the odd occasion where a peon attempts to upset the status quo via a lawsuit.

This time, I get to call in the evening before to find out if I have to appear.  It's not a huge problem, since I work downtown anyway, but I do hate that I'm going to have to divest myself of all the usual sharp pointy objects and assorted objects of mayhem that usually accompany me whilst traveling where the tall buildings grow.

Odds are I won't get picked, due to my employer and past history with the lawsuits.  Still, keep your fingers crossed that I get voir dire'd out of contention...