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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Slouching To Catch Up

Where's My F#&$%ing Cold Front???

The original post title was "Racing to catch up", but who am I kidding?  Racing is something I don't do if I can possibly avoid it...

Busy week, as evidenced by the lack of bloggy activity.  Work's been dumping piles of bureaucratic offal on my head, and my umbrella's MIA.

Had a brief bit of fun over the weekend.  The Umpteenth West Houston Smoke & Powder Crawl met at the usual locations for a day of cigar smoking, handgun shooting, and general buffoonery.

This was my 6th or 7th outing with the crawlers.  I skipped a year, then the Crawl was cancelled the next year, but the Crawler folks haven't changed all that much in the interim.

Free cigars were handed out, targets were punctured, and then the gang retired to Paul's Boat on Hwy 6 for some seafood and adult beverages.

The Crawl continued onward to several cigar shops and a dinner at a smoke-friendly restaurant up in Tomball, but I headed to the house after lunch to seek the perfect horizontality of extended nappery.

I'll try and remember to publicize it a bit more next year.  It's a fun day, and we need more participants.  Plus, someone to unseat the Cisco Kid as the reigning champeen of the shoot-off...


I have acquired a secondhand videocamera off of FleaBay.  Aside from the limited motion picture capabilities of my cell phone camera and the pocket Canon digital, this is my first foray into owning a video cam.

There's a long-range blue-sky purpose for it, but I may or may not ever get there.  I made sure to get one of the old Sony Nite Shot cams with the see-in-the-dark option, and if I ever shake loose the spare cash, I'll get a lens adapter and mount it to a high-power scope.  Along with an infrared emitter and one of my "hush-a-boom" repurposed flashlights, it should make a dandy vermin-splatticator when mounted on top of something .22 caliber or larger.


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