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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Facebook Fodder

One Post Per Month? The New Normal!!

Saw this on the FB.  Had to edit it a bit.  You'll see where...

Let's see how many people will tell the truth about their past.

Tattoos - yes - 3
Tattoos I still like - 1
Piercings- yes, but just an earlobe, and it closed up years ago.
Divorces- no (No marriages, either...)
Children - none I'm aware of
Surgeries - 2-3 times, all minor
Been to Jail - Yes, if a holding cell counts.
Shot a gun - Yes
Quit a job - Yes
Flown on a plane- yes
Flown a plane - No
Gone over 100 mph- yes

Gone over 100 mph while shitfaced - yes
 Hit a deer - no
Hit a skunk - yes
 Gone zip lining - yes
Cried over someone - Yes
Fell in love - Yes
Skipped school - Yes
Watched someone give birth -No
Watched someone die - Yes
Been to Canada - yes
Ridden in an ambulance - Yes
Been to Hawaii - No
Been to Europe - No
Been to Washington D.C. - Yes
Visited Florida - Yes
Visited Mexico - yes
New Mexico - yes
Visited Las Vegas - yes
Sang karaoke - Yes

Sounded good singing karaoke - No
Been on the radio - Yes
Laughed so much you cried - Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue -Yes
Had a pet(s) - Yes
Been sledding on big hill - Yes
Been downhill skiing - Yes
Rode on a motorcycle - Yes
Rode a Horse - Yes
Stayed in a hospital - Yes
Donated blood - Yes 

Driven a stick shift - Yes
Rode in the back of a police car -Yes

Hold your finger down and select copy... Then go into status an paste it. Change your answers. Go!