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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Time To Eat The Pig

FaceBook Strikes Again

OK, a long time back on the Book of Face, I saw this cute story about how two guys up in Canuckistan had adopted/rescued a "miniature" pig, and discovered all too quickly that it was just a random farm pig that was destined to grow into a barrel-sized porker.

Anyway, I hit "Like" on their page, 'cause the piggy was cute, and from then on I got regular updates in my news feed about this pig named Esther.

Jump forward a couple of years, and they've used the fame of the pig to solicit contributions to buy a plot of ground to serve as no-kill animal sanctuary.  (They're vegetarians, naturally...)

OK, no problem with that. They wanna eat shrubbery and provide homes for critters, that's their business.

But they keep publishing pics of this enormous sow.   It's no longer cute.  It's like a furry oil drum with legs.

And it looks freakin' delicious...

Seriously, every time that damn pig pops up in my FB feed, all I can think of is:  "I want to eat that pig."

Oh, they don't have to worry.  Canada is too damn far to drive to swipe a pig.  We've got plenty down here in Texas.

Still, I can just see Esther twirling on a spit.  That'll do, pig.  That'll do...