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Monday, July 10, 2017

Desperation Hydration

I Need To Go Shopping

When you hole up like a hermit for the weekend, there will be consequences...

The ice machine in the fridge has been on the fritz for some time.  I usually get a bag of ice every week or so just to make sure there's a supply on hand.

Ditto for soft drinks.   Don't keep a lot on hand, just a six pack or so, maybe a bottle or two of spring water.

Got home Friday night, and felt like crap.  Decided to become one with the bed for much of the weekend.

Got up every few hours for the usual purposes.  Blew through all the bottled water, including the 1/3 of a gallon jug of spring water that had been rusticating in the back of the fridge since early March.

Wake up from a nap at 10 pm Sunday, and I'm absolutely parched.

Of course, there's nothing in the fridge.  No ice, no water, no soda.  Not even any beer.

Shit.  Tap water.

But wait...  there, behind the bottle of mayo!  Could it be???

Yes, it was... a lone bottle of tonic water.   The bottle of RealLime also held a full measure.

Excavating in the back of the freezer found two of those silicone ice molds that make 2" spheres of ice.  I'd filled them, and forgotten them.

I even had some Bombay Sapphire on hand.

I don't know that I'd recommend a jumbo G&T for a late-night thirst quencher, but it beats the hell out of tap water.

Just sayin'...