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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Odds & Ends

Just Coasting Through Until The Holiday

So You Have A Deviated Septum — Now What?

Well, if you're a 70's female rock star, known for gauzy dresses and twirling around on stage, you hire a personal assistant to pack cocaine into a straw and blow it up into your butthole...


I need to expand this into an essay, but regarding the genderfluid, people who identify as other races, sexes, species, etc., I just want to say this.

Most of us played make-believe as a kid.  Nothing wrong with that.  You usually grow out of it.

As we grow older, we're still gaining in life experience, but are eager to make an impression on the peer group, so there's a good amount of bullshittery that goes on.  Again, you usually grow out of it.

When you're still playing make-believe and spewing flagrant bullshit as an adult, though, you've got a serious problem.  You're either disconnected with reality, or just a flaming asshole.

Probably both...


On those days where you have the urge to leap over the barbed wire fence, best to make sure it's a cold, chilly day so things are tucked up out of the way!

'Bout right for a whitetail.  Too small for a goat.